Recent Press

Plenty to love about ACE Open’s latest exhibition, Tara Nash, The Advertiser, December 5, 2018 read here

Plenty: A Contemporary Art Show About Food, Alyssa Fletcher, Broadsheet, December 6, 2018 read here

Plenty’ exhibition serves up food for thought, Jane Llewellyn, The Adelaide Review, December 11, 2018 read here

Julian Day and Sasha Grbich awarded 2018 Samstag scholarships, Steve Dow, Art Guide Australia, October 2017 read here

Writing by the artist

Writing included in Concrete: art design architecture, published March 2019 by the Jam Factory, Adelaide purchase online here

Living and dying under surveillance: Xu Bing’s Dragonfly Eyes, Artlink issue 38:3 purchase online here

Radical care: Personhood and the river, Artlink issue 37:4 purchase online here

Countercurrents, The Ocean after Nature, Artlink review April 2017 read online here

Five Minute Manifesto, delivered for the Adhocracy Program at Vitalstatistix, 2016 view PDF here

The Knitted Poo and Other Machines, FELTspace Writers Program read online here

Dark Flowering, Realtime 73 read online here

Tiny Movies, Big Moves, Realtime 80 read online here

The Road to Excess, Realtime 85 read online here

The Blind Leading, Realtime read online here

Roy Ananda and The Drawing Cube, The 2004 Drawing Biennale read PDF here

Writing about the artist

Feminist Perspectives on Art: Contemporary Outtakes, Catriona Moore and Jacqueline Milner, Routledge, 2018

Performing Mobilities, edited by Mick Douglas, published by RMIT School of Architecture & Design,

2016. ISBN: 9780646956930 read here

FELTgold published by FELTspace, with article on Sasha’s work by Lisa Harms read here

Role Reversals, Daniel Connell, Art Illustrated India, published April 2017

Vote For Me, Andrew Purvis, Artlink, September 2016

Feeling Towards the Future, Bernadette Klavins, Fine Print Magazine 2015

Provocation and the F-Word: Beyoncé is a Feminist, Jennifer Kalionis, Artlink vol 33, no.3. 2010